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What to Look for in a Digital Marketing Agency

advertising agencyI decided to write an article on the Top Ten Things To Look For In An Ad Agency, but I quickly realised that there were more important questions to ask, such as “Is an ad agency absolutely required for your Leicester Based business”?

With the Internet and new technology in the marketplace, you can do marketing and advertising on your own because of companies like Google that can supply you with all the free tools you need to get the job done.

With all this free help available, why would a company use a marketing agency Leicester anyway?

Creative Input

Creative peopleThe primary reason people give for hiring an agency is also the main reason people switch from one agency to another. You could hire creative people to work directly for you. However, the top creative talent prefers to work in an environment where they can develop cutting edge campaigns, work on diverse accounts, and conduct brainstorming sessions with other creative types.

When it comes to creatives, a critical mass is necessary to stoke the flames for a spectacular new campaign. A mix of skills is required to help with the design of new business cards and logos or to design and build a campaign of social media marketing. In general, when creatives work at an agency, they get more freedom to be creative, because they are not bogged down by the daily constraints of corporate life.

Insights From Experience

No organisation or business works inside of a vacuum, which is why ad agencies can provide so much to their clients. They can rework past campaigns that have effectively delivered results as well as bring insights from other markets or industries within which they have experience. Even their failures are good for you. They know what your competitors are up to and are solidly grounded in the industry’s best practices.

Flexibility And Speed

Whats Your Online Marketing Strategy? card with crowd of peopleMost products and services have a natural life cycle and business cycles regularly occur throughout the year. Because of this, expect the demands placed on your marketing resources to vary over time. During the lean times, your business won’t have to carry excessive amounts of overhead because of salary demands and other resources, but can still quickly respond when necessary if they are working with an agency. In the past, there was an “I’m in charge” mindset in ad agencies. However, today’s focus is on being more adaptable and fluid in order to find gaps and fill them before they become a problem.

Cost Effective

It may come as a surprise that hiring an agency will actually put more money into your bank account. It’s more of an investment than an expense. How does this work? First of all, costly mistakes are avoided. Even though the media has changed, most types of advertising have been proven in the past. And, we have probably already done it, since we have been around a long time.

During rich times when the cash flow is more available, marketing is grown in-house. Businesses do this to gain more control and to save money. However, once hard times hit, these departments are among the first to go. They drop everything that is not part of their core business. Many of our oldest clients have gone through this cycle. Their marketing departments contract and grow right along with the economy. With more than 30 years in marketing, I advise that smaller in-house marketing departments are cheaper and better.

There is no need to worry about project timescales or deliverables because a trusted network is in place at an established agency. In addition, recognized agencies often receive media discounts and can pass on other savings to you because of their reputation for bulk buying.

marketing innovationInnovative Services

I’ve waited until the very last to talk about the best. Innovation is an agency’s most important role. Not just the ability to use new media or other technical innovations. More, the insights into doing things with a new twist. Risk aversion is typical in organisations as they grow. However, a crucial role of ad agencies is to get their clients to innovate by thinking outside of the box. On some of our most ultimately successful campaigns, the initial reaction was that shock and a sense that the company board would never agree to the idea. But, agencies must push the boundaries, say the unsayable, and be cheeky in their presentations. The worst that can happen is that our clients say no to the idea.

I hope that this makes you think differently about the idea of using an advertising agency. Of course, I’ve already included some of the ideas that will go into the post about things to look for when selecting an agency.