Interview with Online Jewellery Shop Owner Annika

Tell us a little about who you are and what you do today.

annika– I am a trained economist and I worked for many years in the financial industry before I decided to change career. It was the training course I took in silversmithing and jewellery design that made me change my direction.

I worked hard to a create s stunning jewelry collection and managed to get 30 different retailers interested in my designs while I studied.

Today I am a trained goldsmith with certificate from the University of Copenhagen. I own my own shop and create designer jewellery in Brighton. Now I have staff and support myself fully as a qualified goldsmith.

 What is the most fun regarding what you do?

– To be a part of someone’s milestone in life by creating unique wedding and engagement rings. It is both a fun and honorable task. It feels good that all the hard work I do is for myself and not for anyone else apart from of course those that wear my jewellery. To create something from nothing is truly amazing.

 What’s the most important thing you’ve taken with you from training?

– That there is more than one solution to get to the goal. The desire and the joy of creating using precious metals is one of my biggest insights I discovered during my training.

Annika’s three tips for those who want to study and train in silversmithing and Jewellery design are:

1: The opportunity to have fun!
2: Really think about where you want the training to lead to.
3: Start a sole proprietorship during training. There are plenty of ways to sell your jewellery without taking any risk and you can also get a VAT refund of purchased materials and tools.

Thanks Annika, it was a pleasure speaking with you.

Pest Specialist Speaks to London Property Owners

pest eradicationPrevention is essential when it comes to controlling pests. During the spring, summer and winter months, people enjoy spending time outdoors. When you are outdoors, you share the world with insects and creatures; however, it is essential that your family’s safety and health is protected. You can keep your family safe from an invasion of unwanted pests by following the simple tips shared here by our resident pest expert Dave Bedford from DB pest removal London, in the UK.

How to Prevent and Control Insects in Your Back Garden

Most people spend a lot of time and resources creating a beautiful summer lawn. Don’t stop enjoying it just because of annoying insects and pests. Fleas, ants, beetles and other creepy crawlies are quite common outdoors. Unfortunately, they can make being outside unpleasant and even dangerous at times. One of the easiest ways to prevent pests is to develop a healthy, clean garden area. Healthy grass is a hostile environment to a variety of insects and bugs. Eliminate thatch build up in your lawn, ensure your sprinklers are working correctly so certain areas do not become soggy, increase your mowing height and fertilise your lawn to encourage it’s health. Finally, use the proper chemicals to control any potential pest issues.

Outdoor Rodent Control and Prevention

Rodents love to be outside when the temperatures are warm; however, they carry a variety of diseases and can cause destruction. You can discourage infestations by ensuring all outdoor areas are clean. This means removing leaf and other back garden rubbish, wood piles, clutter and compost piles from your lawn. Some of the favorite attractions for rodents are pet food, straw and paper. Remove these items from your back garden to make your lawn inhospitable for them.

Outdoor Flying Insect Control and Prevention

Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying and dangerous insects. You can help decrease your chances of being bitten by using personal insect repellants, removing standing water from your property and using citronella candles at dusk. Bees need a water source and food to survive. Remove all rubbish and spills from your property and keep your bins tightly sealed. Other stinging insects love food and flowery scents, including heavily scented perfumes and lotions; so, avoid wearing them when you are going to be outdoors. Flies are attracted to any source of food. Ensure that all rubbish and recycling bins are sealed and keep all dog waste off of your garden. Flies tend to stay in the location where they are born. By removing these food sources and natural hatching habitats, you can lower the fly population from your back garden.

When it comes to controlling insects, rodents and other pests, you need to determine the environmental items that bring them. Once you understand how to control and prevent them from finding your garden attractive, you will be able to better control the pests in and around your home. These pests are not only a nuisance, but they also pose a danger to you and your family. To keep your family safe, contact a professional pest management company in your area. They will be able to control and prevent infestations in and around your home. Regular pest control treatment methods reduce the risk of infestations and can effectively eradicate a pest situation quickly. Professional exterminators have the knowledge, skills and strategies to deal with pests properly. By employing the services of a professional company, you can keep your family safe whilst enjoying your beautiful garden.