Interview with Online Jewellery Shop Owner Annika

Tell us a little about who you are and what you do today.

annika– I am a trained economist and I worked for many years in the financial industry before I decided to change career. It was the training course I took in silversmithing and jewellery design that made me change my direction.

I worked hard to a create s stunning jewelry collection and managed to get 30 different retailers interested in my designs while I studied.

Today I am a trained goldsmith with certificate from the University of Copenhagen. I own my own shop and create designer jewellery in Brighton. Now I have staff and support myself fully as a qualified goldsmith.

 What is the most fun regarding what you do?

– To be a part of someone’s milestone in life by creating unique wedding and engagement rings. It is both a fun and honorable task. It feels good that all the hard work I do is for myself and not for anyone else apart from of course those that wear my jewellery. To create something from nothing is truly amazing.

 What’s the most important thing you’ve taken with you from training?

– That there is more than one solution to get to the goal. The desire and the joy of creating using precious metals is one of my biggest insights I discovered during my training.

Annika’s three tips for those who want to study and train in silversmithing and Jewellery design are:

1: The opportunity to have fun!
2: Really think about where you want the training to lead to.
3: Start a sole proprietorship during training. There are plenty of ways to sell your jewellery without taking any risk and you can also get a VAT refund of purchased materials and tools.

Here’s a recent article written by Annika:

designer engagement ringLove is a precious thing, and it’s unique for every couple that has the good fortune to experience it. When we’re in love, we want to show off to the world how special our relationships is. This is why designer engagement rings from Brighton jewellers Goodman Morris, are becoming especially popular for couples in love. Designer rings offer you the one-of-a-kind statements  of love and affection that you’re looking for. You have a huge, nearly infinite field of options to choose from when you shop for designer engagement rings, and this makes it easy to create a beautiful piece that is just as special and individual as your feelings for your significant other.

Designer engagement rings will bring a smile to the face of your would-be spouse. They’re also tremendously popular right now, making them the perfect choice for trendy couples. Beyond presenting your lover with a unique and customised token of your love, there are other benefits to purchasing designer rings. These sorts of diamond engagement rings combine your choice of stone with a band design you select to perfectly complement both the diamond and your special someone. The combination creates an attractive ring that is sure to draw lots of positive (if not downright jealousy!) attention.

The process of designing your own engagement rings gives you a chance to stretch your creative muscles, and you’re probably going to find it fun. Feel free to express all of your desires to your designer so that he or she can create something that perfectly mirrors your feelings for your partner. Remember, an engagement ring is intended to be a once-in-a-lifetime gift. If you create something truly beautiful, your ring may become a heirloom and get passed on to future generations.

You can get the engagement ring design process started by visiting the right jewelry sites on the internet. Many jewelers have set up easy-to-use customisation programs that you can start playing with on your own. You can pick out any certified diamond that catches your eye and match it up with a band in gold, platinum, or any other material. Remember that your choices aren’t necessarily limited to the most common engagement ring stones and metals; if you want to create an emerald engagement ring there are many jewelry sites that will help you.

Just spare a thought for your ring-buying budget early on in the design process. As with most products, engagement rings become more expensive as you customise them. Make sure you don’t overrun your budget while you’re assembling your ideal designer ring.

getting engagedGetting engaged is often the capstone to the best relationship you’ve ever experienced. Why not make it even more special by picking out a quality designer engagement ring from a trustworthy online jewelry store? is your go-to source for stunning jewelry of all sorts, and we’re particularly proud of our diamond engagement rings. All of our diamonds are certified and premium quality. We’ll guide you through the process of designing a superb engagement ring with help available at every step along the way. Log into our site to get the best in custom jewelry service. We’ll help you make sure every engagement ring decision you make is the right one.

Customised engagement rings are easier to create than you think. Your own unique ring is sure to dazzle the world and delight your beloved. Let us help you exercise your creative talents!


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