Choosing An Expert When It Comes To Printed Carrier Bags

various printed carrier bagsSingle use plastic carrier bags come with a charge because of the environmental impact that they have. The good news is that a much more rational and effective solution exists – printed carrier bags made from environment-friendly materials.

Templecoombe is one of the companies specialising in the niche. Over the past 20 years, we’ve been developing a range of reliable, quality products that customers can rely on.

Who Are They And What They Believe In?

As already mentioned Templecoombe has 20 years of industry experience. All of their team members are highly trained, which enables them to give their clients access to a vast range of bespoke solutions.

printed carrier bagsThey’ve worked hard to establish good relationships with some of the best factories in the UK and other countries. All of the facilities are accredited to guarantee the quality of the outcome.

The main things that Templecoombe believe in are giving customers the solutions that they’re looking for in a timely and convenient manner. All of the orders are completed according to the preliminary specifications and within the agreed-upon time limit. This is the reason Templecoombe has been an industry leader for more than two decades.

Templecoombe has established partnerships with multiple clients that keep coming back to us time and time again.

The Products

Printed carrier bags are an amazing and powerful marketing tool. This is why you have to make sure that they’re created by the best. The customers can choose among a range of specialised products that include:

  • Printed Paper bags: you can promote a product, your brand or a campaign that’s currently under way. They’re mobile and reusable, which means that your message will be seen time and time again. Choose among laminated rope handle bags, twisted handle paper bags, unlaminated paper bags and several other possibilities.
  • Bags for life: these are made of various materials like cotton, jute, woven and non-woven fabrics. The option is environmentally friendly. If you want to establish a green image for your business, this product will be ideal for you.
  • Polythene bags: cost-efficient and beautiful bags can feature just about any marketing message.

Who To Choose?

Templecoombe is a company dedicated to giving customers environment-friendly convenience and superior printing solutions and recognised for providing quality of service. Your brand message will be communicated clearly and in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Give them a call or send an email with your enquiries. Members of the customer support team will be more than happy to answer your questions, suggest the solution that will be best suited to your needs and help you make the most of the marketing opportunities that printed bags provide.

Traditional printed plastic carrier bags are bad for the environment and they’re bad for your corporate image. If you want to take brand establishment to the next level, think about making the switch. The Templecoombe team will be there to guide you through the process.

The East London Exterminator – Vermin Removal Company Boss Steve Grendon

Steve-GrendonSteve Grendon, managing director of MJ pest control, took the time out to sit down with us and talk about his company and local business success.

As a leader in commercial and residential pest control East London, in the UK, MJ vermin and rodent removal have the expertise and experience to provide a service that exceeds the expectations of our customers. Working with customers in a wide range of sectors that include: local councils; hotels; educational facilities; healthcare; retail and transport, we serve all areas of South East London.

We cover all aspects of pest prevention and eradication, and our company is effectively a one stop shop. Our ability to maintain our high levels of standards in environmental compliance, quality and health and safety can be attributed to the fact that we do not use subcontractors and can keep all of our services in-house.

Our expert team can take care of everything from the removal of waste contaminated by pests and dirty house clearance work to routine preventative services and technical inspections. Our wide range of services includes installing glue traps and electronic fly killers, as well as designing, manufacturing and maintaining insect curtains, doors, and screens. In addition to this, we are also able to provide a variety of pest control services that include:

* In-house pest awareness training for you and your family or staff

* Wildlife management

* Weed and vegetation control

* Insect identification

* Bird proofing and bird control

Bed bugs and their eggsOur constant work on innovation and the development of increasingly more efficient and effective solutions has resulted in several key transforming developments over the past few years. These include our new radical treatments for bedbugs; thermal imaging technology; and our electronic “e-pest” reporting system. Our years of experience and extensive knowledge in the business of pest control and prevention allows us to provide you with the most effective and practical solutions to your pest problems regardless of the scale of the problem or the business sector you are in.

Professional, Affordable, Local Pest Control Service

As one of the most successful pest control companies in Bromley, Kent, MJ have over three decades of experience as a specialist pest control company working in public and environmental health for the council.

Affordable Services For Pest Control

Our speciality as a local bespoke pest control company is locating all unwanted pests, and then destroying or removing them quickly, effectively and efficiently. Our Service Includes:- No call out charge for our 24/7 service

– Same day rapid response
– Effective pest control throughout South East London at low prices
– Discounts for students, OAPs, and those who are receiving benefits
– Free, no-obligation pest survey and quote
– Discretion

We are Cheaper than the Council!

Member of the britisg pest control associationWe will do everything in our power to make sure that those pests are removed from your home or place of business in an effective and discreet manner. Our vehicles are unmarked, which means no one will know you have a pest problem, and we are fully insured. We pride ourselves in our passion for high levels of customer service and quality results.

Professional Qualifications and Accreditation

Each of our pest control technicians is fully insured, expertly qualified, and holds the BPCA (British Pest Control Association)/ Royal Society of Public Health Level 2 Certificate in Pest Management.

Release Your Company’s Cash Flow By Utilising Invoice Finance

Paid InvoiceSometimes, every company needs a helping hand. Maybe you’re trying to get a new business off the ground.

Perhaps your company’s plans for expansion include buying out another business in your industry – or maybe you’re in an especially capital-intensive industry and need to be ensured of receiving timely payment to continue efficient operations.

There is a wide variety of reasons that you may want to consider Invoice Finance in order to grow or maintain your business.

Invoice finance can allows your business to enjoy almost immediate payment rather than waiting 30 days or longer, permitting you to use these funds at once, especially helpful to start-ups and other smaller companies.

Turn To Specialist Invoice Finance Companies To Help You

Such Companies like Calverton Finance provides services such as invoice factoring or invoice discounting, along with other related services such as credit management and collections. With these essential but often time-intensive functions being handled by a third party, your business can free up vital resources.

Calverton Finance’s confidential invoice discounting service provides much of the same benefits, but allows your business to keep credit management and collections operations in-house to give your customers a seamless experience.  Confidential Invoice discounting is a good fit for mid-sized and larger companies who have an established accounts receivable department and would prefer to handle their own credit management, while enjoying prompt payment on their receivables.

In-Depth Knowledge and World Class Expertise

invoice paid in fullCalverton Finance’s team brings their decades of experience in the world of business finance to the firm. From the Board of Directors to the Client Managers who deal directly with businesses like your own, Calverton Finance is staffed by people whose knowledge and experience in the fields of banking, corporate finance and invoice factoring is simply unparalleled.

When you choose to work with Calverton Finance, you’re putting the best, brightest and most experienced team in the industry to work for your business.

Client Success Stories

Calverton Finance is a firm which was founded on the principle of becoming a success by making their clients a success. Clients who have used Calverton Finance’s invoice factoring and invoice discounting services include companies and organizations in a range of industries including marketing and advertising, real estate and property management, retail, recruitment, manufacturing, IT and engineering, to name just a few.

Calverton’s clients are enthusiastic about the firm’s responsiveness and rates, which are more favourable than those offered by any bank. Above all, it is Calverton Finance’s personal touch which sets the firm apart with account management staff who provide every client with the very best in business finance services.

The One and Only Steve Jobs

No bio can be complete without talking about this man! Steve jobs (1955 to 2011), inventor and chief of Apple Computers. For many years it seemed that Microsoft had the upper hand with their computer operating system being the most popular platform for the personal computer.

Whilst Microsoft sat back and wallowed in their success, Steve Job’s and his dedicated team at Apple were quietly plugging away, developing the technology platform that would see their innovative devices such as the ipad, ipod and iphone take the world by storm.

Check out this brilliant video on the life of Steve Jobs.

Garage Door Business Owner Bob Taylor of Leicester Talks of Their Success

Bob Taylor owner of MDS Garage Doors

Bob Taylor owner of MDS Garage Doors

Celebrating 29 years of providing Leicestershire and East Midlands residents the best in both customer service and quality garage doors.

MDS first opened its doors in 1986 and stills guarantees the quality and price of their garage doors, entrance doors, and roller doors.

“We guarantee each and every one of our products and believe our success stems from outstanding customer service and superior products that work – year after year” MDS owner Bob Taylor says. “The garage doors we sold and fitted when we first opened 29 years ago are still working today”. “We feel that this helps to make us the obvious choice for people looking for garage doors Leicester“.

Great Staff Delivering Professional Services
Our expertly trained and specialized staff ensures each customer gets the right door for their home.

We have technical advisors, sales consultants, site surveyors and some of the best installation engineers around, working to ensure your garage door are perfect for your needs.

If your garage door or entrance door needs to be custom made, then we can do that, too.  We have a dedicated special projects division trained to create custom products to meet every situation.

Our staff are continually trained and updated on the latest developments in the industry.  Each and every member of our team will listen to your needs.

Trade and Wholesale Suppliers
Commercial and residential property owners, as well as builders from all over the UK, come to us for installation, repair and replacement.  We believe we are the recognised experts in garage and entrance doors, and we feel that we prove that every day.

We are there when you need us, providing continued assistance, as well as pricing, surveys, and installation services. We will save you money by working with architects and surveyors to provide the right doors for your home.  Our advice, drawings and site surveys help you to avoid costly mistakes.

We Carry a Wide Variety of Products
We carry and install a wide variety of the best quality garage doors and automated gate systems.  We have products from all the major manufacturers. Our sales consultants know the individual features on each and every product we sell and since we work with many manufacturers, we are not biased towards any particular one.  This means you get the best product for your home. Visit our sister company, Jameson to see the best product available in terrace covers and awnings.

Installations Throughout the UK
Based in Leicestershire, our engineers are specially trained to perform installations anywhere in the East Midlands. We also provide training for those trade customers needing skills in surveying and installation.

Beautiful garage doorsAs part of a national network of Partner Surveyors and Installers, we can guarantee the very best prices and service anywhere in the UK.

We Deliver Direct
We can deliver doors just about anywhere as long as we have access, a place to offload.

Replacement Parts and Accessories
We stock a full range of replacement parts and accessories, including a wide selection of hand-held control units, operators, weather protection stripes, and alternative access control systems.

For advice on garage door replacement, repair or installation, contact MDS and ask for Bob Taylor.

The Bio of Richard Branson

One of my favourite pastimes is reading the bio’s of people that have already been successful in business.

Richard Branson is someone I sincerely respect and admire. The biographies of his and countless other successful business owners can be a great source of inspiration as well as teaching us many valuable lessons.

Entrepreneurs like Branson have already made mistakes so hopefully we can learn from them.

This is a short documentary about him from 1971!

I tell you what … his hair hasn’t changed one bit :)

Hello and Welcome

Hi there, my name is Scott and welcome to Bio 2007.

As a professional, international business coach since 2007, I am often hired to help business owners get more out of their businesses without having to do too much. A little tweak here and there can make all the difference I can tell you.

The purpose of this blog is to showcase business owner bio’s from all different industries, markets and walks of life.

I’ll critique the odd one and show you examples of the good and the bad that I’ve come across since I started coaching in 2007.

More importantly, you will be able to go away and create your own business bio to help make your business look more attractive to potential customers.

Why not drop me an email and say ‘Hi’!

Scott Whittaker